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Invest in the Savvy Creative College Savings VIP Day dedicated to helping moms plan and save for their children's college education.

As a mother, you want to provide the best opportunities for your children, and that includes giving them the gift of higher education. However, with the rising costs of tuition - tuition is not going on sale! - it can be daunting to think about how to save enough money to cover these expenses. 

Learn 23 exclusive strategies to get college paid for. These are creative ways besides student loans to reduce college-related debt, grow your funds, and set your children up for financial success. 



Join Dr. Jenn for a one-on-one experience at The Star, home of The Dallas Cowboys. Remote option available. The day offers you licensed support from her as an advisor, professor, and mom to help you navigate the ins and outs of getting college paid for, and develop a plan that works for you and your family.

It's important to consider your overall financial picture when saving for college. While it's important to prioritize your child's education, you don't want to neglect other financial goals, such as retirement savings or paying off debt. 

Students with iPad


During this VIP Day, Dr. Jenn will help you develop a comprehensive plan that takes all of these factors into account. You can save over $30,000 in tuition payments and triple your financial reserves at the same time with the Savvy approach to getting college paid for. 

By starting early, developing a plan, and considering your overall financial picture, you can set your family on the path to a bright and successful future. A portion of proceeds will benefit college scholarships. The VIP Day is for mother figures with children of all ages. Learn more over virtual coffee to see if accessing this opportunity is a fit for you. Spaces are limited on a monthly basis. 

Get College Paid For: VIP Day

Savvy College Savings Summit MMXXIII @ Eden Hill Vineyard in Dallas

Get College Paid For: Video
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