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Access The Private Podcast

Launch your own transformative financial journey with Savvy in the Lounge.

In an 8-podcast series, we will unveil the strategies of women wealth holders and the art of financial independence. Episodes include EFF&% Fanfare, What Happens When Life Happens?, The Nation's Wealthiest Women, and others.

Elevate your understanding of financial literacy principles, secure financial growth, and the finer nuances of economic empowerment.

Dr. Jenn has curated a collection of priority hot topics to inspire your refined next steps toward estate expansion. Immerse yourself in a 112-minute, self-paced listening experience where financial literacy meets real life.



Get College Paid For - Reduce Your Loans

Enjoy the Academic Affluence™ Master Class hosted by Dr. Jenn. The 55-minute, self-paced learning session contains 23 ways to get college paid for, plus a guide, notes, transcript, and private podcast edition. An excellent way to prepare for your VIP Day.

Colleagues Working Together


Increase Your Savings and Donations

Discover your nonprofit's potential and customize your growth path starting today. Nonprofit B-School offers strategies to start and grow your organization. Expand your impact and reach by personalizing our system for your goals. Improve your nonprofit money mindset and learn what goes on behind the scenes of major successful nonprofits.  (Desktop users: Scroll down to register.)



Elevate Your Financial Experience

Build a legacy 
Access our digital collection of 5 financial freedom trainings and intensives led by Jennifer.
375 minutes of economic freedom guidance and our favorite support tools in a self-paced format.
What You’ll Gain
1. Get your money mindset right with the Insights Mastermind.
2. Define your real estate investing strategy with the REI Beyond the Buy Toolkit.
3. Let your money make money with our Stocks 101 audio training.
4. Access reliable tenant payments with our landlord intensive.
5. Save your finances with our Debt Free Homebuying Master Class.

The Curriculum – What You’ll Learn

Part 1 Abundance: Why generational wealth matters. Your money mindset and access to financial independence.

Part 2 Building With Simplicity: The first and foundational steps toward intuitive investing. What’s needed in your life and environment to support your financial success. 

Part 3 Intuitive Investing: Your checklist for intuitive investing options that may be best for you. Stop trading time for money and consider these Academy-endorsed strategies inspired by data about the wealthiest women in the United States.



Help Families With Finances

Work-at-home offering financial consulting and education. Self-paced course and mentoring experience to equip new and continuing financial professionals on safer savings, life policies, and retirement planning, includes 7-days of intensive trainings and:

Grow Your Clientele Sessions

Virtual Live Agent Trainings

Licensing Preparation

Client education materials

Income and client tracking

Contracting with Insurers

Home Office Technology 

Branding & Marketing materials   

Mentoring & Community

No obligation or captive requirements

We contract with Fortune 500 companies for you.

No fee to enroll

Learn: Connect Through Courses
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