A couple at a business meeting


Hello!  Thanks for joining me here. I am passionate about energizing women leaders and equipping you financially, personally, and professionally to live the life you love. 

I have served in leadership roles and aim to show you the opportunities and possibilities for your life.  Freedom awaits you on the other side of the decisions we will work through together. 

I now spend significant time as a financial strategist, and am a sociomedical scientist by trade (PhD Communication & Culture from HowardU, BS Chemistry from FAMU), taught at the collegiate level, and have managed federally-funded projects with budgets totaling the multi-millions. I have also led organizational planning for major health and medical nonprofits. 

I went back to school as a wife and mom to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as I began to increasingly coach colleagues on finances. My diligence, resilience, research and grant experiences give me the technical aptitude and supportive understanding that I leverage in my coaching and consultations.

As a Grow With Google Co-Host and TEDx invited speaker, I live a life of simplicity and service, and encourage communities and clients to focus on authenticity, purpose, and wellness on the journey to personal and financial freedom.

By invitation, I speak nationally on personal finance, nonprofit strategy, and women in leadership topics. As an Amazon best-selling author, I try to contribute guidance in word form as often as possible too. If you're ever in Chicagoland, let's do a patio lunch together.