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The EMIC Experience℠ is comprised of a dynamic and innovative team of experts dedicated to delivering intelligent and trustworthy solutions to diverse organizations. We value quality, innovation, inclusion, and accountability.

As the organizational consulting arm of Savvy, we take pride in offering unparalleled services that drive success for our clients.

Why EMIC? In social science research traditions, the emic perspective is the insider’s perspective, the perspective that comes from within the culture where the project or experience is situated. As priority for our perspective, habits, character, and approach, the EMIC team exercises listening, compassion, empathy, inclusion, and equity with every partnership.

When you embark upon The EMIC Experience℠, you're not just hiring a consultant – you're entering into a trusted partnership. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, working collaboratively to achieve mutual success. Your goals become our goals, and together, we strive for excellence.

Let's design a journey of strategic growth and transformation together.


Business Colleagues

Our team applies financial, education, nonprofit, and health industry expertise with cutting-edge insights to develop smart, forward-thinking strategies and policies tailored to your organization's unique needs. Every client experience is approached with a fresh perspective, and grounded in research, to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Business Meeting

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to delivering tailored DEI solutions that exceed expectations. We can offer research-based DEI trainings and Equity Infusion Coaching™ across your departments. Together, we can also improve your effectiveness through organizational DEI assessments, policies, and equity program design. Our focus on quality ensures that your organization achieves sustainable success and impact.


Business Meeting

Trustworthy and reliable, our team leverages intelligent financial insights to guide your organization towards informed decision-making, planned giving, executive compensation, and retirement planning. Our data-driven approach, combined with years of industry experience, empowers you to deliver unique financial tools that lead to long-term executive, staff, and donor retention.

The Emic Experience: Services
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