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For Foundations and Nonprofits

We believe in partnering to build a lasting legacy and creating a positive impact that extends into future generations. Planned giving is a powerful way to contribute to the long-term success of your foundation, ensuring that your community support continues to make a difference for decades to come.

Savvy plays a vital role in securing the future of your foundation's funds by assuring you are included in your supporters’ estate plans. Their generosity will help you sustain your mission and make a lasting impact. We also invite individuals to partner directly with us and we can help you establish planned giving for the foundations, colleges, and missions most important to you.

We offer an alternative to endowments for supporters who may want to give, but do not meet endowment thresholds that are often thousands of dollars. Send them to Savvy for more accessible philanthropy options.

For foundations and nonprofits, planned giving allows your supporters to maximize their impact of charitable contributions through select planned giving options we will establish to benefit your foundation at their request. There are several planned giving options that will allow your foundation to exponentially benefit from the estates of your supporters, including receiving certain assets, lump sum donations, and scheduled future contributions.

Planned giving is a thoughtful and impactful way to support sustainability of your foundation. Please schedule a consultation to establish partnership with us. Ask us about increasing your current donations and community engagement too.

We're here to guide your supporters through every step and ensure you’re their philanthropic goals align seamlessly with your foundation’s mission. 

Secure your place in the portfolio of your most committed supporters with Savvy, your advocate in planned giving.

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